Disabled Students in Education (cont) – Who should I tell?

Aug 14, 2018 |

Who should I tell about my Disability?

Information about disability is personal and it may be something you do not want people to know about.

However, disclosing your disability to the right people in your institution can result in reasonable adjustments being made for you to minimise difficulties you face with your studies or with assessments.

So who are the right people?

In universities and colleges you may find that there is a department with the name disability in its title, or you may find support within a department called student services or student support.

You can arrange to speak to an advisor who can advise on what you might need for your studies and help you to get this.

Do I need to tell my tutors or lecturers?

You do not need to tell tutors or lecturers any detailed information about your disability or impairment. Lecturers or tutors will be notified of any ‘reasonable adjustments’ that are to be made but not of any diagnosis or condition you have.

You should be asked to sign a data protection document which should explain where information is shared but if you have any doubts then ask for more details. Your college or university should be able to set up reasonable adjustments while keeping the sharing of personal details to a minimum.

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