Disabled students in education (cont.) – The DSA Award.

Oct 22, 2018 |

The DSA award

If equipment has been recommended then you will find the details of this in your award letter.

Some funding bodies will send funding directly to the supplier who provides your equipment, but others – including SAAS – will pay the money directly into your bank account.

The funding can only be used to purchase the equipment recommended on your award.  If the equipment costs less than originally thought you may be asked to repay some of the award.

Make sure you understand the rules for evidencing how you spent your award and keep the receipts of your purchases.

Remember to include insurance and extended warranty for your equipment if this is itemised in your award letter.

You should get VAT relief on purchases from the recommended supplier but if you shop elsewhere, make sure the supplier knows that you are eligible for VAT relief.

If you do shop around, make sure the laptop/pc purchased is of the same specification as recommended or you may find you cannot run recommended software.

Your award may include time with people, sometimes referred to as Non Medical Personal Helpers (NMPH). These may include tutors, trainers, note takers or mentors.

You will be awarded a set amount of hours and the hourly cost is detailed. You will not need to worry about these payments as the person will usually be paid directly without you requiring to do anything except confirm that you had the specified amount of time with them.

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