Disabled Students in Education (Cont) – Reasonable Adjustments in more detail

Oct 22, 2018 |

Reasonable adjustments in more detail.

In deciding what adjustments are required an advisor will take into account how your disability affects you in relation to the following:

  • Access to written course materials.
  • Participation in course-related activities including physical access.
  • How the course is assessed.
  • Organisational issues.
  • Any placements you may be required to go on.
  • Access to essential services such as the library or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • What is available to all students in your institution.

Reasonable adjustments take many forms and can range from the very simple rearrangement of usual practice to complex arrangements involving other people and/or equipment or software. Some may be arranged informally while others require to be recorded and organised officially to ensure that they are in place for the times you need them.

Adjustments can involve changes to

  • Time requirements.
  • Location change or physical amendment.
  • Assessment methods.
  • Greater flexibility applied to course timetables/requirements in specific areas.
  • Equipment or software.
  • Alternative format materials.
  • Support from other people sometimes described as ‘non-medical personal helpers’.

Some of the more costly adjustments may require funding. This will be covered in more detail later.

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