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3 times this year I realised that I only had a few days of medication left!  I’ve had a repeat prescription in place for years.  You’d think I’d have it sorted by now.  It’s just too easy to forget or not be able to pick it up when you need it.  As the evenings get darker, picking up after work or walking in the cold, rainy weather just doesn’t appeal.  Running out of medication or worry about not having it in time is just not worth the stress.  I’ve taken some steps to ensure I’ve got it covered this winter

  • I’ve booked a medication review with my GP.
  • Set up a reminder to order my prescription online 2 weeks before I need them.
  • Set up a local pharmacy for collection (there are alternatives that can deliver to you house but I’m out and about a lot).
  • I’ve also restocked my medicine cabinet with basics such as over the counter medicines for general winter ailments, throat lozengers, paracetamol etc.
  • I’ve set up an online food delivery service to make sure I can get fresh food easily if I can’t get out of the house.
  • I’ve made a list of key contacts and medications and put it in an obvious place in case it’s needed in an emergency.

But what happens if you have specialist medical supplies?  You should talk to your provider to make sure that plans are in place to ensure a continuous supply in case you can’t get out and about or may need extra supplies.

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Seasonal Flu

Flu is a serious illness and the vaccination is the most effective protection from the virus. Health professionals are calling for people who are ‘at-risk’ to get their annual flu vaccine.  To find out more, contact NHS Inform on 0800 22 44 88 or log on to

General advice and information on how to stay healthy this winter can be found at

Turn to your pharmacist

All pharmacies dispense prescriptions and if you run out of your regular medicines and can’t obtain a prescription from your GP, your pharmacist can dispense an urgent repeat supply.

If you struggle to get an appointment with your GP or have easier access to your local pharmacy you can register for the Minor Ailments Service (MAS)

The NHS Minor Ailment Service is available for those who have registered with a community pharmacy in Scotland and can help you access free medication for minor illnesses.

You may need to provide proof of eligibility.  It is available to those

  • aged under 16
  • aged 19 or under and in full-time education
  • aged 60 or over
  • have a valid maternity, medical or war pension exemption certificate
  • receive certain benefits such as Income Support, Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, Income-related Employment Support Allowance, Pension Credit Guarantee Credit, Universal Credit
  • You can also use this service if you’re named on or entitled to an an NHS tax credit exemption certificate or valid HC2 certificate

Contact your local pharmacy for details on how to register.

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